Saturday, 19 November 2011

ebay wishlist

eBay is fabulous.

I'm not sure if I've let you all know of my undying need love for the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's in Glitter:
However, the £125+ price tag is not exactly ideal for me. So, thanks to Fritha Louise's blog  I've now found the most perfect, ideal, amazing dupes EVER.

At £29.98 for the shoes AND shipping, it's only a snippet of the price for the Lita's. Maybe a Christmas gift to myself?! We'll see. Even better, four colours to collect! 

When H&M came out with their tan leopard print cardigan, I was very disappointed. I wanted a comfortable, cosy, loose cardigan, which it was not. However, this little beauty might just be it!

At £27.98, an absolute steal for something that'll last you for winter. As crap as it sounds, I do still feel iffy spending thirty quid on a cardi. Maybe the cheapskate in me! 

Any fab eBay finds lately? 


  1. Wow love those, im a huge glitter fan. I couldnt resist being your 1st follower. Welcome to the world of blogging xx

  2. Nice blog, thanks for the shoe-info :D

  3. Thank you for being my first follower Nicoletta!x

    Aren't they all gorgeous! Eeee, eBay is so handy hehe! xx