Saturday, 31 December 2011

YSL volutpe sheer candy no6–luscious cherry

YSL are famed for having beautiful lipsticks. Their Rouge Volupte lipsticks are loved by bloggers to editors, and there was a rather excited buzz around when they launched the Volupte Sheer Candy’s. Supposed to be an almost balm like texture with light pigmentation and fun colours, these seemed right up my street.
The packaging is beautiful – heavy, sturdy and something you’d be proud to pull out on the train. The Rouge Volupte lipsticks are gold, rather than silver, which is the only difference on the outside. The band round the middle is the colour of the product inside which I adore – it makes storage a million times easier while still being chic.
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The colour of no 6, is a stunner. In the tube it looks like a watermelon, bright cherry red pink, with no obvious shimmers. It reminds me of being somewhere warm, and summer, but once the colour is on my mid-toned lips, it translates as something you could wear in both summer and winter. Pared with paler skin and darker eyes, it looks beautiful – almost a berry, darker shade, the perfect daytime winter lip colour. Add heaps of mascara and a bit of bronzer and it comes off slightly brighter, something you wouldn’t look out of place at a festival with. It’s an absolutely beautiful lipstick and I have well and truly fell in love with the lipstick itself, and the whole line.
It’s certainly a splurge-y item, at £23.50 a pop, but if you had the cash to spend, I would definitely recommend them. Something to spend your Christmas money on, perhaps?!


  1. this is such a gorgeous color, but so expensive =(

    check out my blog? i always follow back<3

  2. Ah, I know what you mean! Definitely a gorgeous luxury spend though :)

    Will do, thanks for the comment! xx

  3. Gorgeous colour! Well worth the price for such a pretty item. x