Sunday, 3 June 2012

ysl volutpee sheer candy no10







Finally, 6 months after my last two posts about my other Voluptee lipsticks, my last one has arrived. Purchased at the same time as the others, this is probably my favourite one of them all. As you can see, it’s a soft orange colour, with the same formula as the others. Very smooth, moisturizing and comfortable to wear, and during my hating-wearing-heavy-makeup phase I’m in, this is everything I want.
I’m sure we’re all aware of my redness which ruins my life. Therefore, using orange and peachy tones on my skin and in my make up really helped to lighten up my complexion and freshens my face a bit, while avoiding a red overload. This fresh colour makes it perfect for spring and summer, although I did get this back in December and have been wearing it regularly since.
Another hit by YSL – but that’s all my Voluptees, blogged about. Perhaps time to get another few in duty free to write about?

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