Thursday, 17 May 2012

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The word ‘May’ evokes terror into the hearts of young people everywhere, including myself – Exam Month. As I’m writing this, today was my first exam. It was English and seeing as I want to go to study it at university, I really hope I passed it! I felt okay about it, just nervous. More than that, I’m over the moon that I now don’t have to read The Mayor of Casterbridge ever again! I have two exams next week (French and History) which I’m scared about but I’m just gonna study hard and I’ll get out what I put in.

My Bioderma has finally given up the ghost. Absolutely nothing left, but I’m going to Portugal in about 5 weeks time so I’ll be sure to pick up some more when I’m there. I’m absolutely loving the 1 Second nail polish remover from Bourjois too. When I’m studying for so long during the day, being able to take all my nail polish off in under a minute is something I’m loving.

During my ‘Panic what am I going to do in my life, I’m growing up shit shit shit’ mode, I decided to re-read the Harry Potter series. I’m currently on The Goblet of Fire, and of course I’m enjoying it! If you didn’t know, I do have a GOODREADS account, so if you’re interested to see what I’m reading, go follow me there!

A recent buy and one I am loving! I live in trainers pretty much all the time (as you can see) and these baby’s are my newest edition. Red Authentic Vans, I absolutely love them. They’re comfortable, go with loads of things and don’t hurt what so ever. About the same price as Converse too!

I’m sure we’re all aware if you follow me on TWITTER that I absolutely adore exercise. I run every alternate day, and do weights in between. These are my trainers, the Wave Alchemy’s and I love ‘em! Definitely recommend them as a brand to look out for, but as always, go and see for yourself and your own needs!

1st of June = last exam = BLOGGING!

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