Wednesday, 4 January 2012

mac 129

Lately I've been wanting to spend more money on things that will last me - beginning with brushes. MAC brushes are fantastic quality, albeit you pay for them. I recently picked up a few high end blushes (posts to come) and I wanted a nice brush to apply them with. Although my sights were set on the 109, the MAC lady recommended the 129, and I'm glad she did. The brush is soft, made of synthetic hair, and hasn't shed on me yet! It blends matte blushes perfectly on me, which is a first for me. The shape is perfect for me too, as I like to blend blush onto my cheekbones, not on the apples of my cheeks. Overall, although this brush alone cost almost £30, I really would spend it again if something were to happen to this one. It's a flawless brush for me, and definitely one I'd recommend to anyone who would like to expand their brush or MAC collection. 

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