Thursday, 5 January 2012

christmas 2011

Better late than never I suppose. The following things are a mix of things that were given to me, and things I purchased with my Christmas money..

A post is coming up on the Gaga x Terry Richardson book, because I can’t write how much I love it in the same post as anything else... 
Two cook books. I’m really into cooking now, I have a thing for just losing myself with the outside world with a good trolley full from Tesco. I’ll review them soon and show you some things I’ve cooked from them when the time comes!

Make up & beauty;

I didn’t mean to take two pictures of my YSL lipsticks and lip glosses, I think I kinda got into the moment hehe. My boyfriend got me the beautiful Naked palette, and I loveee it. I won’t do a seperate post on them but I can assure you, it will be featuring in my favourites I imagine.

This year was the YSL year, as you can see!
I got 3 Volupte Sheer Candys (I’ve posted about one already, let me link you; volupte sheer candy post) which I adore. I’ve still to post about the other two but I imagine I’ll post about them in a FOTD. I got two Gloss Pur lipglosses, which are amazing! Pigmented but not too strong. I also got a blush in 3 Caramel, which is a beautiful pinky brown colour, which will look stunning come summer. Also I got a set with the YSL Top Secret eye makeup remover, with the Luxurious volume effect false lashes mascara.

For the first time in months, I also went to MAC..
From the Daphne Guinness collection (which I was very excited for, along with the Iris Apfel collection) I got a blush ombre in Azalea Blossom, and a nail polish in Blueblood, which I’ve already posted on (blueblood post). To go with my beautiful new blush, a new blush brush was needed, which is where the 129 came from (129 post)

My perfume I recieved this year was Armani Diamonds. It’s 30ml and I adore it. 

Only the best sale come Boxing Day, I picked up a Christmas Candy box, which featured the products above. I also got a Magic Wand but I’ve used it already, sorry!

I’m so lucky to get/be able to buy these things and I am so grateful. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


  1. ooo i want all your make up you lucky thing!! x

  2. Thank you! I really am lucky, everything I got I absolutely love! x